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Response to Darkness

Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk you again
Because I couldn’t pass at your home, you were not alone
I really needed to talk, but you preferred to walk and stay away(ke)
Yes, I do remember, daily, all the things we’ve done together
But now it seems that you won’t let us back to the past
Where all made sense, where we were really good friends and that’s all that mattered at all
You wanted to change the world, but i knew i couldn’t help you
I wanted to find myself and i didn’t wanted to hurt you

Come on, Darkness, send me some news…
I know that we still walk the same shoes!
Is your favorite latin singer still the same? 11 y 6.
Tell me how you’ve been… I’ve heard you found true love this time.
But still, do you wish to make part of my life?
One way or another, I’ll be singing “home, home again… I’d like to be ~there~ when i can”
All the songs, the movies and the daydreams are not gone. I think we still have some.
This I can promise you, it lasts forever. At least that’s what I know.



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